6 Lesser Known Places In Dubai

Dubai is renowned for its wonderful wonders and activities of architecture. It offers a lavish lifestyle of which you can only dream. While the people who come here permanently are looking for JBR, Burj Khalifa, Port De La Mer apartments for sale to enjoy a luxury experience, it’s not too short of heaven for the people who come here for a short stay.

In the last decade, Dubai became a historic tourist hotspot. It has become one of the most glamorous cosmopolitan cities of the world, from a desolate desert, with an imposing population of 2.8 million people. It is renowned for its lavish nightlife and shopping. Dubai is also easily associated with modernist designs and is commonly considered to feature the highest building in the country, Burj Khalifa and the magnificent Burj Al-Arab, which has regularly been chosen as the most expensive hotel in the world.

In Dubai, there are also discreet, but enticing sights that should sit on top of your next trip to one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, apart from all the heavily hyped tourist destinations.

  1. Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk

A 2-mile stroll along the beach, it is one of Dubai’s most busy tourism sights. It provides a wide range of shopping remedies, from luxury labels to jewellery and crafts shops, alfresco dining, and frequent street entertainment events. This is also ideal for a soothing walk along the waterfront, which makes the trip more pleasurable because of the gentle breeze from the Arabian Gulf.

When The daytime temperatures may be snoring, tourists are most likely to arrive after dark. The open-air cinema, which runs a week a year, gives you the best of films under a starry sky, is another highlight of the walk.

  1. Miracle Garden

The name is self-speaking. Every year the Emiratis grow a picturesque array with more than 45 million flowers of about 60 different varieties in the centre of the deserts.

In addition to the amazing flowers that have been planted for the first time in the Gulf Area, the gardens also host various monuments, such as a huge clock, Burj Khalifa’s replica, and tunnels. However, the Miracle Garden opens its doors only for up to 1 million visitors each year during the winter, due to the vivid summers. If water management is to be taken into consideration, the flowers are irrigated by the drainage system by reusing the wastewater.

  1. Wafi Light And Sound Show

The show will impress its viewers with its dazzling mix of entertaining graphics and orchestrated music based on the theme, Returning of Pharaoh. The lighting is projected onto the pyramids and other architecture influenced by Egypt, which are the defining aspects of the Wafi Mall.

The display takes place every day at 21:30 at the mall’s entrance of Khan Murjan Souk, with the exception of a short interval each year. It is absolutely free for people.

  1. Emirates Kart Zone

Most of us have challenged our friends in a kart race, if not then you should do it in the Kart Zone of the Emirates and beat them in your own mini Grand Prix or just love the feeling of having a nice karts ride and have a fun round. The Emirates Kart Zone is in the Sports Club Al Wasl and is a 7-minute drive from Dubai Mall.

  1. Gold Souk

The Gold Souk is a chain of lined alleyways with several jewellery shops that sell gold, silver, diamond, and other precious jewels. A visit to the Gold Souk is an experience in itself, even though you don’t want to buy it but experiencing those shop windows is a striking show.

The items are genuine, thanks to strict government regulations, but you must negotiate for the best price because souk vendors are renowned for high prices!

  1. Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart has carved a niche in a city packed with extravagant malls, hosting the most Chinese trading companies outside mainland China under one roof. The building is shaped like a mighty dragon and boasts over 4000 shops, from furniture to equipment, to decoration.

The centre opened in 2004 and plans have recently been initiated for further expansion. A theatre, a restaurant, and numerous new stalls will be included in the expanded area. Dragon Mart is a bargain-hunters’ heaven and one can confidently say it is one mall in Dubai that won’t leave you at the end of the tour with a drained bank account!

The city of Dubai is home to a number of those secret wonders that may not be part of the tourist trip due to an astonishing number of well-publicized tourist hotspots. I hope this guide will help you to explore places hidden from an average tourist. Go through the District One Dubai Villas for sale if you reside permanently in Dubai and want a lavish lifestyle.