Happy Ending Massage – Your Guide to Giving One to Your Partner


Asking your partner what he wants is the key to giving him a great nuru massage in London. Men should feel comfortable talking about their needs and desires. You can also read up on sexual communication in order to learn how to give your partner the best massage experience. If you’re not sure how to do it, start by asking him if it feels good or not.

First, find a comfortable place to give your partner a massage. You can do this anywhere, not just in the bedroom. The massage room should be comfortable and have soft lighting, and you may even want to include some aromatherapy in the room, such as essential oils, scented candles, or incense. If you want to make your partner feel special, you can offer snacks or other comforts to keep them satisfied during the massage.

Next, know the best time to give a happy ending massage. A happy ending massage is a big commitment. You should be sure to choose a place that’s reputable and will offer a quality massage. If you’re planning to use a hotel, you should be prepared to pay extra for the service and present extra tips. Some hotels will offer a blowjob or hand job as part of their package.

Another important thing to consider is the amount of time. You should have enough time to give your partner a sensual massage, so that he or she won’t feel interrupted. Make sure it’s private. You should not allow children or other outsiders to be in the room during your work.

Once you’ve decided to do a happy ending massage, communicate with your partner to make sure he or she is satisfied with the results. Ask your partner whether they enjoy the experience and if it is relaxing enough. Make sure to follow your partner’s instructions and keep the massages on the same schedule.


Before you start a massage session, ensure that your partner is comfortable with it. Choose a romantic setting where the two of you can be comfortable. It doesn’t have to be your bedroom. You can also enjoy a glass of red wine together.

Giving your man a massage is only half the battle. Ask your man about his likes, dislikes, and what he feels. You might also want to look into sexual communication if you aren’t sure how to do it.

The setting for your erotic massage session can be anywhere, but make sure it is comfortable for both of you. The temperature is also important, and you’ll want to make sure that the room is warm and inviting. It is also important to have clean sheets and towels.


Setting the mood is key to giving a happy ending massage for your partner. Set up a comfortable spot in your home, place some towels and candles, and dim the lights. Make sure to get naked beforehand. Don’t forget to prepare the tools: gather your tools, massage oils, towels, and fine-ass massage oils. You might even want to dress up like a masseuse and create a scene.

A happy ending massage is a great way of spicing up an otherwise boring evening or ending a romantic night. They are also an excellent way to show your partner how much you appreciate their body. These types of massages may not be legal in all countries, but they are legal to give and take at home.

Using a massage candle to give a happy ending massage will not only provide a nice scent, but also provide a romantic ambiance. Warm oils can be safely applied to the skin of your partner by melting many massage candles at low temperatures. Just remember to always test the oil on your own first if you’re concerned about the temperature. If the oil is too hot for your partner’s taste, move it further away and let it cool.

The massage should be long and soothing. Use gentle strokes and subtle movements, paying particular attention to sensitive spots. Don’t forget to give your partner’s head and neck a massage – this will help relax him or her and show your appreciation for their body. You can also ask your partner about how they feel during the massage.

Your encounter will be a success if you use erotic massage techniques. You must first ensure that your partner feels comfortable and can communicate with you what he needs. Ask your partner about his interests and hobbies.

There are many techniques that make a happy ending massage. It can include touching his penis through the anus and perineum, as well as giving him a full-body massage. This technique is incredibly effective at making your partner feel more relaxed and arousing.


While a happy ending massage might sound like a good idea for a romantic evening, the truth is that happy ending massages are actually a form of prostitution. Although laws regarding this practice may vary from one state to the next, they are generally illegal. It is particularly important to tell your spouse if you are a married man that you are seeking a sensual massage.

Before you begin the massage, prepare the tools. A massage oil is essential. You can find it in your kitchen or at a local store, or you can purchase it at a local spa. Preparing the tools for the massage will help to avoid unnecessary stress.