How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone

So, you dropped your cell telephone in the toilet, took it for a swim, washed it along with your favourite pair of pants, etc… Regardless of what the purpose of the wetness is, DO NOT strive to show your moist cell telephone on to look if it works. Act speedy, the longer the water sits to your smartphone the much more likely it is that it will now not work once more as it is able to motive corrosion of the electrical components. Here’s a way to dry out a cell phone:

First step is to put off the battery as energy and water do now not mix properly.

If your phone has a SIM card, do away with it. If you have T-Mobile or AT&T as your cell cellphone provider, your telephone maximum probably does have a SIM card.

Next, eliminate any covers or external connectors out of your cellphone.

Now, you could gently wipe off as a lot water as feasible using a dry material.

Use a vacuum purifier to try to suck any moisture out of the cracks and crevices, strive now not to let the vacuum come into bodily touch with the smartphone, as they are able to produce static power, that can damage your cellphone. Do now not use a hair dryer to dry your cellphone as it may motive moisture to transport to more touchy elements of you telephone and the intense warmness can motive extra harm.

After you have got removed as a great deal visible Angebot besprechen moisture from the cellular phone as you can, area your telephone in a bowl or bag with raw rice in a single day (when you have any desiccant (silica gel) packets, seal your phone in an air tight box with that rather), rotate the position of the phone every hour or so, whilst you’re wakeful.

After ready as a minimum 24 hours, placed the battery and anything else you removed back on your smartphone and attempt turning it on. If it nevertheless would not work, it’s far viable that the battery is bad, but the telephone is just pleasant, so you may want to try a new battery. Or, get rid of the battery and spot if it works at the same time as plugged in to the wall outlet. Either manner, it’s miles counseled which you update the battery irrespective of whether or not it works or now not.