The Essence of Information Dissemination in Audit Service in Sierra Leone

Information on the heart of everything we do as humans. We generate it, we devour it, we percentage it and we sell it. The cautious coping with of facts is therefore the key to fulfillment in commercial enterprise. An creation to information dissemination in a commercial find a coder enterprise gives a stable evaluation of the position of information dissemination. It offers recommendations on amassing the right records to the proper people to help the firms. ‘ strategic goals and “oil” the regular operations of the business.


Dilman 1978, described dissemination of data is the lively and focused distribution of information or intervention via determined channels using planned techniques to a specific public or target market.

Dissemination is a proper deliberate process with the intent of spreading know-how and enhance the integration of the proof, statistics, intervention or combos of these into routine exercise. Information dissemination has been characterized as a important and sufficient antecedent of adoption and implementation of organisational policies (Dilman, 1978).

Importance of Information Dissemination in Service Delivery

Before assessing the numerous approaches used to disseminate facts, it’s far well worth revisiting the reasons for disseminating data. There are typically top reasons why organisations determine to disseminate facts. These motives are not always independent of one another but can although be labeled to emphasis the inducement of an agency while initiating dissemination. The motives are generally to growth the cost of 1 or more of the following attributes of the agency shareholders. The following among others are the reasons for statistics dissemination in establishments:

To Create Awareness: Information is often disseminated which will educate, provide an explanation for or sell a concept, process or precept. For instance, technical specs explaining gadget capabilities, education approximately alternatives to keep away from congested shipping routes and tips for the of entirety of labor if you want to make certain regular appearance of venture deliverables are all methods wherein facts is disseminated to normally inspire recipients to conform with a method within the belief of organizational or business enterprise enhancements.

To Enhance the Response of Customers: Sometimes information is disseminated solely within the wish it’s going to motive a few feedback that could require in addition records to be generated or be used to validate some thing. Examples encompass advertising, questionnaires, market surveys frequently asked query listing and testimonials.

To allow Collaboration: Information is often disseminated in order for a collection of people to share know-how and routes of communique. Examples include workflow structures to support the flow of statistics between device entities so that you can reap a commonplace cause, mailing lists where well matched people can pay attention to and speak commonplace troubles, libraries in which humans can access statistics, and manage machine in which probes would possibly discover and transmit warnings about positive event(Fink, 1983).

Background of Audit Service Sierra Leone (ASSL)

Audit Services Sierra Leone is the ideally suited audit institution of Sierra Leone section 119 of the 1991 charter of Sierra Leone affords for the established order of the workplaces and functions of the Auditor General. It began with established order of the Audit Act of 1962. It become later referred to as the Auditor General’s Department then the workplace was moved from the Audit General’s Department to Audit carrier Sierra Leone because of the Audit provider Act 1998 which was implemented in 2004. The Act also created an Audit Service Board (ASB) an Advisory Board which has the energy to appoint humans, apart from the Auditor General to maintain or act in workplaces as member of the Audit provider and to exercising disciplinary control over such men and women.

The Audit Service Sierra Leone is headed by using the Auditor General who is assisted by means of 4 deputies. Its headquarters is at Lotto Building in Freetown with different places of work in Freetown, Bo, Makeni and Kenema. Also, the Auditor Generals Mandate is specified in segment 119 sub sections “2” of the 1991 charter. It affords for the Auditor General to audit all government ministries, department, corporations, instructional establishments and any other statutory frame set up partially or fully out of public funds. This mandate now includes the 39 aligned ministries and departments’ 19 council’s 100 and 40-9 chiefdom authorities, sixty four statutory bodies and donor funded initiatives.