The Vivo Y72 Camera Review – A Comprehensive Overview of this Winning Smart Phone

Vivo has today launched its latest smartphone in India known as Vivo Y72. Its key features and pricing suggest it will most likely compete with the existing leading smartphones from Samsung and HTC. The Indian version of Vivo Y 72 is different from its Korean counterpart, which was launched in March this year due to certain modifications. While the Thai version is largely supported by MediaTek’s low-powered Dimensity 700 MSM processors, the Indian version is powered by a much faster and powerful Snapdragon Scalar QE processor. Despite these differences, Vivo still managed to score higher in key areas such as camera and battery performance, browsing speed and memory.

In terms of camera and battery performance, both phones score very well in 4G and web browsing speed is much faster on the Y 72 thanks to the Adreno processor. On the other hand, the Indian version has an advanced power saving feature called Low Power Display that reduces battery consumption when the screen is off. This is an exceptional feature, as it saves power when you aren’t using a 3D application like Facebook or watching a video. Even if the battery capacity is reduced, the battery lasts for a longer time.

The camera on the Y 72 is equipped with an advanced image stabilization system that offers a clear picture quality even in low lighting conditions. It also offers fast auto focus and manual image stabilization, which are absent on the Vivo models. Apart from these, the rear shooter on the Y 72 is also capable of resolutions up to 5 megapixels. The result is that images taken with this smartphone are quite vivo y72 good in quality. However, its inability to support OMA resolution for video recordings limits its shooting options.

The main weakness of the Vivo Y72 lies in its battery life. While it lasts for over a month when on full charge, it easily gets drained of its capacity after just two weeks of use. This poor performance may be attributed to poor camera performance or poor wireless connectivity. In contrast, the video y 72 also has similar weaknesses when it comes to video recording and picture quality.

The battery of the Y 72 can be easily replaced unlike the Idol phone which has an expandable memory card slot. In case of an upgrade, you can insert additional memory cards and get more than 1GB worth of data stored on them. The downside of the expanded memory card slot is that it restricts the camera’s OMA resolution to be used in recording videos. If you are looking for better picture quality, you may need to settle for the normal price of $100.

If you are looking for the highest image quality then they 72 is not suitable. However, you can expect good video recording capabilities for $100 and above. You can also expect the cameras build quality to be of good quality. Overall, the Vivo y72’s specs and low price point make it a worthy choice compared to its competitors.